Monday, January 26, 2015

Let's Wash Some Dog Toys!

We had foster puppies and rain and a bunch of our toys ended up looking kind of gross. Some toys, like the Kong Wubbas, are dishwasher safe. We have no dishwasher. Instead, I throw pretty much everything into the regular clothes washer and run it through a regular clothes cycle.
I used to worry about squeakers filling up with water, but everything comes out of the dryer squeaking and not gurgling, and nothing has melted yet. I use biodegradable free-and-clear detergent so my dogs don't end up with Tide-breath. Washing the toys makes them significantly less yucky, and breathes a lot of life into them. It also gets off the random fur and crud that they collect on them, and makes them feel bright and new again. Yay for clean toys!


  1. Machine washing is my preferred method too. I have had squeakers sound gurgly when they come out, but they have always cleared up after a few squeaks. Nothing has blown up, so I'll keep washing toys this way ;)

    1. I haven't had anything gurgle yet. I used to worry about mold, but they don't smell funky or anything.