Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Treat Tuesday: LootPets Invasion of the Sweet Potato Crisps

These definitely-not-Briz-safe Sweet Potato Crisps arrived in our Loot Pets Invasion Crate this month. They are made by LovinForg Pets, and look suspiciously like their Puffsters line of treats. Normally I feel pretty grumpy about treats that Brisbane can't have (he's allergic to poultry, eggs, corn, barley, and sweet potatoes) but the art on the front of this package made my day. Look how the actual treats look just like the ones shooting death rays in the picture!
Loot Crate dog treats

Good For: A crunchy low-calorie snack. Scattering around the house for the dogs to find.

Not Good For: Dogs with allergies to sweet potatoes or rice. (Ingredients: sweet potato, rice flour.) High-value training treats.

How Much We Like Them: Just look at that bag!

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