Monday, January 11, 2016

We Killed a Rubit

Rubits were my favorite quick-changing tag clips for a long time. I love the design, and for a while I was pretty sure they were indestructible. I did begin to worry about Brisbane's original Rubit Curve because it had thinned over a span of six years, but it's currently holding Sisci's tags and has been used on my various foster dogs almost continuously.
damaged Rubit Curve dog identification license tag holder

The one we killed had only been in service for two years. It was a large purple heart Rubit. Although it was holding Brisbane's tags, Ranger was wearing it when it failed because I usually put my dogs' tags on visiting dogs.

I don't actually know what happened to this thing. It's bent open so that the wire gate can't reach the other side, and the split ring is also pretty bent. This was on the floor with the tags still on the ring when I got home from work a couple of weeks ago.

The most likely answer is that the tags or the Rubit itself got caught on something and Ranger struggled until the clip bent far enough for him to get free. It apparently wasn't too traumatic an experience for him because he acted fine that evening and didn't seem injured or out of sorts. Once I found the tags I checked him over to see if he had a sore toe or dewclaw that might have gotten hung up, but I didn't find anything. I don't know what else he could have gotten caught on since the tags were just laying in the open and not stuck anywhere obvious.

Whatever happened, I'm taking it as a reason to try a different type of tag holder for Brisbane. I've been using a plastic Links-It to hold Ru's tags for a while now, so I went ahead and ordered one for Brisbane. I'll let you know how it works for us. Have you tried any quick-change tag-holders?


  1. I use Links-it tag holders. It seems to be working well, even though its plastic supposedly they are very tough. My dog isn't super rough and tumble, but its worth a try? Links-it work well for us!

  2. That's what we're trying, so far it's ok but some of our tags don't fit on it and it's a bit difficult to get on and off a big D-ring when it's holding multiple tags.

    1. That is true, I think at a certain point it maxes out. After some practice I can switch collars pretty easily. I have a Fetching tag, city license, rabies and a home again rubber tag and that seems to be the max amount of tags it can hold. Other than the tag max limit, it seems to work. You should write a review when you've tested it long enough. =)