Monday, January 18, 2016

Product Review: Thongs for Dogs

Pants for Dogs makes dog thongs, and they are amazing. I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous. It looks pretty ridiculous too, but these are easily the best dog pants on the market. They're Just. So. Awesome. They come in two styles, thong for most dogs and bikini for those with shorter croups (the bit of rump between tail and waist). Thongs for Dogs are available in seven sparkly spandex colors, and six sizes for dogs with waists 12.5-25+" around.
thong dog underwear diaper heat
Photo by Erin Koski

So what's so spectacular about thongs for dogs? It's all about the cut. As I've mentioned previously, Sisci Godzilla has the beefiest thighs. This went entirely unnoticed until she went into heat and I bought her a couple of sets of hotpants. Without fail, the ones we've tried have been tight around her thighs while just barely fitting small enough around her waist.

Pants for Dogs specifically mentions wide-thighed athletic dogs in the product description for their thongs. Clearly, they were made just for Sisci. The leg holes are enormous, and the cut is nice and high to give her total freedom of motion.

Actually though, my favorite thing about these bitch pants is the fact that they velcro on without her having to step through the leg holes. There's a velcro closure on either side and they go on just like a diaper. I'm sure there's other dog pants with closures like this, but these also have those fabulous high-cut thighs. It's like wearing nothing at all.

Pros: Works as intended, keeps my sofa and rugs clean and stays on and in place extremely well. Very easy to put on. Thong style allows for full range of motion and accommodates super chunky thighs with minimal material. Sparkly spandex is just awesome.

Cons: Natural bobtails aren't very good at staying in tail holes. Pants for Dogs also offers a specific style for dogs with no tail at all, but alas Sis is in that twilight area between tailed and tail-less.

Bottom Line: I feel like putting these on Sisci even when she's not in heat so that when we go out and people ask about them, I can proselytize about thongs for dogs.

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