Thursday, January 28, 2016

Product Review: Simple Solution Washable Male Wrap

Simple Solution's Washable Male Wraps are basically cloth doggy diapers for boys that just can't keep their pee to themselves. The wrap goes around the waist and over the penis to prevent urinary marking, excitement peeing, and housetraining accidents. The wraps are available in three sizes to fit dogs up to 90 lbs.
Photo by Erin Koski

 I'm told it's possible to fully and reliably housetrain a chihuahua, but I'm not sure I believe it. Part of the problem is that tiny dogs produce really tiny amounts of pee, so it's tough to find accidents in a timely fashion. Normally finding a puddle means someone needs to do remedial 
Housebreaking 101 for the next month, with constant supervision, leash tethering, and crating when unattended. However, a chihuahua pee spot can go unnoticed for weeks until I realize that something stinks. When did this happen? Did he pee on anything else? We can do remedial house training again, but how do I know when he's actually reliably waiting to go outside?

My vet and I have had lengthy and animated discussions about Ru and his peeing in the house. She says it doesn't really fit any of the typical housebreaking issues, and seems to be entirely unique. It's not incontinence, it's not excitement peeing, and it's not marking behavior. He seems to just be willing to pee wherever's convenient sometimes. Most dogs won't potty in their favorite sleeping spot, some have Dirty Puppy Syndrome and don't care a bit if they're sleeping in pee. Ru will pee in his own bed and then cry because he can't sleep there because it has pee on it. We tested and treated him for a bladder infection, but it did not entirely resolve his tendency to occasionally pee on nice comfy beds where he himself likes to rest, or on his favorite toys which then become a source of distress because they now have pee on them. Personally, I think he's just really dumb.

At any rate, a belly band is a nice way to make sure that Ru only pees on himself. I've used some that were just plain rectangles with velcro, but these seem to work a lot better. They close with a big velcro strip that runs the full width of the band. There is elastic around the rest of it to help keep it snug. The small size is supposed to fit dogs up to 15 lbs, Ru is 6.5 lbs with a Barbie waist and it stays on him very well. He seems to be totally comfortable wearing it, and so far has not even attempted peeing in it. Unlike wraps made to hold a disposable pad, these are themselves absorbent. The extra layers give the fabric more rigidity and keep it from bunching.

Pros: Washable and lasts through a lot of washings. Resists bunching and really stays in place.

Cons: With only three sizes available, I'm sure at least some people have fitting issues. A really determined dog will figure out how to slither out of this.

Bottom Line: Better than the homemade and rectangular ones I've used in the past. A lot of boys only want to pee on things, and won't even bother when they realize they're only peeing on themselves.

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