Saturday, January 30, 2016

Product Review: Boomerang CollarTags

Boomerang CollarTags are probably the most durable identification tags out there, and they're not just for dog collars, either. These non-dangling bits of ID are available both for traditional buckle-collars and for any type of strap that doesn't have a nice end to slip through the slots. The standard CollarTags fit single-ply nylon straps, there is also one with extra wide slots for double-ply nylon and heavy leather collars. CollarTags are made from heavy stainless steel with deep engraving. They are available in five sizes to fit straps 3/8-1" wide.
slider flat CollarTag dog ID tag
Photo by Erin Koski

Boomerang makes some fabulously high-quality dog tags that are surprisingly inexpensive given that they last forever. Seriously, this tag has a longer projected lifespan than your dog. Boomerang tags are also super easy to read, which is impressive. At work I see tons of scratched up, worn out aluminum vending machine tags that are completely failing to serve their purpose.

CollarTags are not your average dog tags. These things slide onto the collar and lay flat without dangling or making noise. They are ridiculously secure and can be attached to basically anything with 1" or thinner straps. Harnesses, leashes, halters, backpacks, luggage, climbing equipment, you name it. The slots in the tag are open in the middle, so there doesn't need to be a free end to thread through the tag. They're a huge pain to put on, but Boomerang guarantees they won't fall off so it's worth it.

Pros: Solid, heavy, durable. Easy to read even after years of use. No hardware to rust or break, unlike riveted plate tags. Guaranteed against loss, damage, wear, and anything else that would make it non-functional. Less likely to get caught on things than dangling tags. Totally silent, the quietest dog tag.

Cons: Not as pretty as my Dog Tag Art tags, so we have both. The adjustable collar tags don't work on my nice leather collars, need to get different tags for that. Not as obvious as a dangling tag, someone who finds my dog may not spot the CollarTag and may assume my dog is not wearing identification.

Bottom Line: Forget dog tag silencers, this is where it's at.

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