Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Twistix Vanilla Mint Dental Chews

Our original bag of Twistix Dental Chews came in our March BarkBox last year. This is the only reason why we had Yoghurt Banana flavored dental chews. Blech. Sure, the dogs liked them, but I had flashbacks to all the horrible banana-flavored Laffy Taffies and Jelly Bellies I've ever suffered through. These Twistix Vanilla Mint Dental Chews are much less bananariffic.

Good For: Occupying Brisbane for maybe five minutes. Giving him nice minty breath for a little while.

Not Good For: Actually cleaning teeth in a meaningful way. Fixing the actual causes of nasty horrible dog breath. Lasting a good long time.

How Much We Like Them: Obviously enough to try a non-banana flavor. Also enough to swap them into a different bag when I realized the current one had a giant price sticker across the front.

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