Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Aussie Naturals Fish Strips

We got these Aussie Naturals Fish Strips in our January BarkBox, and they have been stinking up my  treat cabinet ever since. They are made from salmon skin and nothing else. Just 100% sockeye salmon, a great allergy-friendly chew. Did I mention they smell like fish? A whole lot? They come in a resealable plastic bag to help contain a small fraction of the fishy smell, and are made in the USA.

Good For: Dogs with allergies to almost everything. Small dogs who enjoy a good chewing session. Mid-sized and large dogs who enjoy a brief chewing session. Shiny healthy skins and coats.

Not Good For: Ripping into smaller pieces. Lasting Brisbane longer than five minutes. Extremely picky chihuahuas. Feeding the dogs on my way out the door when I don't want to arrive at my destination smelling like fish.

How Much We Like Them: Well Brisbane thinks they're super awesome. They are also supposed to do amazing things for his skin and coat. I'm trying to get his hair to grow back after a particularly bad round of allergy issues, and he needs all the omega-3's he can get.


  1. Yay, the fish skin review is here!

    They seem pretty good, hope they help Briz' skin issues! We use a lot of THK's Beams treats, which are dried catfish skins. I don't know how they compare to the salmon skins, but they did the trick with Bruno's coat - they made it nice and super shiny and they helped him grow fur on his bare belly that he had as a little pup - apparently he had been severely flea-infested when found, and when we got him, he looked fine, just a couple of scabs still on his back. But thanks to the fish skins, his skin healed well and quickly, and he grew hair on the belly! :)

    1. Where did you get Bruno? I know he was a rescue, I just mean like shelter, rescue, etc.

  2. Good to know! I'll definitely have to try the Honest Kitchen fish treats.