Friday, February 6, 2015

Food Friday: Primal Pronto Beef

Primal Pronto is raw dog food that is almost as convenient as kibble. It comes packaged in a resealable bag, and the food itself is in pellet form. It's still raw ground meat, just shaped into small pieces so it can be scooped out of the bag. This also allows it to defrost almost immediately, taking all the inconvenience out of raw food that comes in patty or loaf form.

Brisbane was exclusively raw fed for about six years, until the inconvenience, expense, and difficulty with portion control became too much for me. I did some prey-model raw, and some pre-made raw. Primal was one of the first commercial raw foods available in my area, and the first one I tried for Brisbane. At the time it only came in large patty form. I was perpetually forgetting to defrost the next day's food, or defrosting too much and having it go bad. Prying the frozen patties apart was a pain in the butt.

Obviously the people at Primal had some of the same issues. Primal Pronto addresses basically every issue I had with the inconvenience of raw food. This stuff is literally as convenient as kibble to feed. Open bag, scoop into bowl. The only difference is that this is raw meat, and so I need to wash the bowl, the measuring scoop, and my hands after feeding it.

Primal Pronto is also pretty pricey, at $25 for a bag. It's 64 calories per ounce and 64 ounces per bag. Since Brisbane subsists on a mere ~150 calories per day (plus however much pizza he can steal), theoretically this one bag could last me around a month. Primal makes quite a few single-protein raw foods that Brisbane can eat with his poultry allergies, including beef, lamb, pheasant, rabbit, and venison. Unfortunately, Primal Pronto has significantly fewer selections and only offer beef and lamb for Briz.

The Hype
Primal's website actually has significantly less hype than I expected. Despite all the claims in the raw feeding community that raw food is infinitely superior, there haven't actually been controlled studies or anything resembling scientific proof. I love scientific proof. The website does talk a bit about the diet of animals in the wild, but in a sort of unassuming, plain text fashion. I like it.

Following the Trail
Like all the awesome pet food companies, Primal makes their own food in their own facility. Their ingredients are human grade and the meat they use is all from USDA-approved sources in the USA and New Zealand. Not only do they not use any ingredients imported from China, they also do not get their meat from animals fed on imported feed from China.

The Good Stuff
This is a really amazing food, with incredibly high-quality ingredients and lots of options for dogs with allergies. I just can't get over how convenient it is, too. Easily the easiest raw diet ever.

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