Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Product Review: Simply Fido Penguin

The Simply Fido Penguin is a flat stuffingless plush dog toy with a crinkly belly. It is made in soft pastel colors from organic cotton.
Photo by Erin Koski
This toy arrived in our December BarkBox. It is not a toy I would personally have picked out, and is the first item I've used the Scout's Honor promise on.

The Scout's Honor guarantee seems to be a new thing that started with the opening of the BarkShop. This is basically a satisfaction guarantee, the company will replace one item per box by giving you store credit at the BarkShop for the value of the item. They request that the unwanted item be donated to a shelter or rescue for less fortunate and/or spoiled dogs.
Photo by Erin Koski

Brisbane does not approve of crinkly toys. I think the whole concept of crinkly paper and water bottles inside toys came about sometime after he was a baby. At least it wasn't nearly as popular or widespread. It's just as well, I'm not totally on board with the idea of convincing my dog that every discarded water bottle is actually a fun toy.

Simply Fido has some really cute toys, including owls, giraffes, and alligators. I'm not a huge fan of the pastel color scheme though. Frankly, I'm not a fan of pastel colors at all. Give me bright, bold, and dark colors that hide the dirt!
Photo by Erin Koski
Pros: Earth-friendly, adorable, and totally cute. Comes in eco-friendly packaging and is certified safe and nontoxic by a bunch of different organizations. No stuffing to scatter about the house. Crinkly texture is lots of fun for puppies.

Cons: Crinkly things are not things that Brisbane willingly puts in his mouth. Pastel color gets dirty easily. Omitting the stuffing feels like robbing my dog of one of life's greatest pleasures.

Bottom Line: The Simply Fido Stuffingless Penguin is currently entertaining assorted foster puppies, with whom it is quite popular.

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