Sunday, February 1, 2015

Brisbane and Pizza Hut

A Pizza Hut just opened in our town a few weeks ago, not far at all from our house. Cheap pizza can be pretty awesome, and they've really expanded their menu range in the years since we lived within delivery range. This led to use ordering pizza from them three times within one week.

Brisbane at a trim 40 lbs.
Photo by Erin Koski
Brisbane is a diabolical mastermind dog, fortunately his trainwreck of a build prevents him from causing too much havoc. Briz can't jump high enough to get onto the counters (without help) so it's usually safe to leave food out as long as it's pushed all the way back against the wall. Except pizza. I'm not sure exactly what he did, but Briz recently expanded the "unsafe zone" and now things have to be put on top of the toaster oven to be safely out of range.

Briz also figured out how to get pizza out of a box on the stove without actually disturbing the box, leading my husband and I to accuse each other of hogging all the pizza until we caught him snarfing down a slice.
"Did you feed that pizza to Briz, or did Briz feed that pizza to Briz?"

Our pizza binge began the week Pizza Hut opened, and the new business obviously had some growing pains. We're basically dream customers for delivery drivers, we tip well and understand that no matter what goes wrong, it is rarely the driver's fault. I'm hoping this made life a little less stressful for the ones stuck being the only driver on a busy night. One time our order was an hour late, and they brought us entirely the wrong pizza. We tipped both the original driver and the one who brought us the corrected order.

40 lbs + 4 lbs of pizza.
Photo by Erin Koski
We also enjoyed trying the wide variety of crusts, sauces, and other random stuff they put on pizzas these days. Not everything was delicious, but the experience was a lot of fun. All this is to say that, between ordering an ungodly bacon-stuffed-crust monstrosity, and getting extra free pizzas, we had a lot of extra pizza laying around. We sort of use Brisbane as a garbage disposal and feed him all sorts of fun stuff, but I'm smart enough not to feed him entire pizzas all at once. Brisbane, however, is smart enough to figure out how to feed himself entire pizzas.

By the end of the week, Brisbane has stolen and devoured most of a large pepperoni pizza, half a bacon-cheese-stuffed-crust pizza, and random assorted slices. Basically enough to make up at least two entire pizzas. In a week. He gained four pounds. Briz is now on a diet, Pizza Hut has lost a bit of its novelty, and we've been sticking stealable food in the oven for safekeeping.