Monday, May 22, 2017

Treat Tuesday: Pure Balance Dog Food Roll

Walmart's fancy house brand, Pure Balance, offers a dog food roll. I love food rolls because I can chop them up into zillions of tiny training treats. These are formulated as a complete and balanced dog food, so I can stuff my chihuahua with them without worrying about spoiling his dinner. This particular brand is a bit squishy and tends to crumble when chopped up very small, but that seems to be the case with all the grain-free rolls I've tried. I would guess that it's produced by whomever makes the Blue Buffalo Wild Rolls.

Good For

Grain-free beef semi-moist dog food
  • Tiny training treats
  • High-value training treats
  • Dogs with poultry or grain allergies
  • Very picky little dogs

Not Good For

  • Daily feeding of large dogs
  • Dogs that need a high-fat an high-protein diet, these are packed with carbohydrates
  • Fast, easy training treats, you have to chop these up

How Much We Like Them

Enough to chop them up and use them as training treats. Food rolls are awesome!


  1. My dog LOVED this food. Unfortunately, Walmart once again discontinued the product I use. I give up. I won’t by my pet food from Walmart anymore. I’m disenchanted and wish they would not discontinue good wholesome products like this. Oh well. I’ve heard the pure balance is Walmart’s Nutro brand but I dunno.

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