Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Treat Tuesday: Carnibar

I bought this Carnibar by Tucker's Dehydrated Food for Dogs at one of my local pet stores, because it was new and different. Turns out it's basically a meal replacement bar for dogs. Not just any meal replacement, either. This thing packs a whopping 48% protein and 28% fat. That's awesome for highly active dogs burning tons of energy!
Dehydrated packaged meal replacement bar for dogs

Good For:

  • Backpacking trips, at 500 calories per bar this thing packs a ton of energy at half the weight of kibble.
  • High value training treats, especially since this is a complete and balanced diet so you can just make it their whole meal
  • Working dogs that need a high-protein, high-fat diet
  • Dogs with allergies to grains, eggs, beef, chicken, peas, potatoes, or tapioca

Not Good For:

  • Fat dogs
  • Dogs that cannot handle large amounts of fat in their diets
  • Dogs with pancreatitis
  • Dogs with allergies to pork, lamb, or pumpkin

How Much We Like Them

At around $3.50 each, I'm not going to be feeding these on a regular basis, however they are insanely useful for some things. I am definitely taking these on our next backpacking trip.

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