Thursday, October 13, 2016

Product Review: Starmark Treat Dispensing Squeakee

Starmark's Treat Dispensine Squeakee squeaks, floats, bounces, and dispenses food! It's pretty incredible. In retrospect, I'm a bit surprised nobody thought of combining all of those things earlier. Though not indestructible, this is a pretty darned sturdy squeaky toy. It's not really horribly loud, either. I believe the Squeakee is only available in one size and color at this point.
Squeaking floating food toy
Photo by Erin Koski

This is another product that I feel was created to solve some really common problems with squeaky toys.

1. My dog ate it.

While certainly not indestructible, the Squeakee is significantly tougher than any of our other flexible vinyl squeaky toys. It's thicker than the Squeeki Tiki. It's more flexible than Han Solo encased in carbonite. It doesn't have any super-gnawable feet like the Cuz balls. I expect it to stand up to occasional chewing better than similar products.

2. It sounds dreadful.
tough floating squeaking food toy
Photo by Erin Koski

Ok, the absolute worst squeaky toys on the planet are those foam-filled latex ones that sloooowly suck the air back into them. The second worst squeaky toys on the planet at the Cuz balls. Starmark's Squeakee is a whole lot more tolerable, mostly because it contains its own squeak.

See, the toy had an opening for inserting treats at one end, and the treat chamber takes up most of the toy. The squeaker part is at the other end, and it squeaks into the treat chamber. This muffles the sound a bit, which is really quite nice.

3. My dog won't play with it.

Not every dog sees the point of non-edible toys, especially if those toys cannot be unstuffed. Starmark made their squeaky toy hold treats, which doubles the attraction. Dog not that into getting the fod out? Squeak that thing for more excitement? Dog doesn't care for flexible vinyl squeaky toys? Hey look, it drops food too!

Pros: Squeaks without making me want to light it on fire. Can hold kibble and other treats, and the Starmark clover-shaped opening can be altered to make it drop food faster. Floats, so your dog can take it on every adventure.

Cons: I bet I could make it sink if I squeaked it underwater.

Bottom Line: My enthusiasm for this toy may diminish over time as I hear it squeaking more and more.

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