Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Product Review: PetProjekt Squeeki Tiki

The Squeeki Tiki, by PetProjekt, is one of the most annoying dog toys ever invented. These are sturdy vinyl toys with heavy duty squeakers that ensure they will continue splitting your eardrums for weeks to come. Like most toys from PetProjekt, these come in a variety of colors and two sizes so any dog can enjoy terrorizing their family.
these are basically the loudest squeaky dog toys in existence
Photo by Erin Koski

The lime green Moai Squeeki Tiki has been banished to the bottom of our toy box for years. I'm pretty sure it came from a clearance bin at PetSmart. The orange Tiki arrived in our April BarkBox and makes a slightly less offensive noise.

Part of what makes these squeakies so horrific is their appeal. Dogs love them. A lot. Brisbane loves squeaking the big green one continuously until I revoke his Squeeki Tiki privileges.

Pros: Sturdier than most flexible vinyl squeaky toys. Will hold up for an infinite amount of squeaking, nose punching, and obsessive-compulsive chomping.

Cons: Not really a chew toy. Also highly enjoyable to chew for some dogs, so it will not survive a mission of destruction. Super loud and horrible squeak from the big one. Seriously. Not kidding.

Bottom Line: I wish one of the dogs would de-squeak that big green one. The little orange one isn't nearly as bad.

What is your dog's favorite squeaky toy?

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