Saturday, August 15, 2015

Product Review: Dex & Penny Squeaky Stick

The Dex and Penny Squeaky Stick arrived in our January BarkBox, and I have yet to find a dog that likes it. This a wonderfully durable toy with a great squeak, it bounces a bit and takes some effort to compress enough to make a sound.
Photo by Erin Koski
I thought this toy was pretty cool when it arrived. It has a nice loud squeak and it bounces erratically when I hurl it to the ground. The texture is nice and grippy. Brisbane just...doesn't like it. He'll take it to be polite if I hand it to him, but he doesn't want to play with it.

Pros: Durable, loud, and squeaky.

Cons: I'm not sure what the drawbacks to this toy are, but the dogs know.

Bottom Line: I need to pull this one out again for the current foster pup. If she doesn't like it, I should probably hand it off to someone with a less discriminating dog.


  1. I had this same toy, it went missing and I figured it was under the couch with the rest of the hoard of toys. Then I found it a couple days ago. In pieces in my gator dogs poo. The entire thing. He ate it. Hope all the pieces came out. I considered putting them together like a puzzle. Nah I think I'll pass. Nothing is safe around the dog that likes to consume anything that he can. I've found very few toys that can hold up to his jaws of steel. That heaven his gut is made of the same properties as his mouth! :)

    1. Oh my! Hope everything comes out OK, sounds like he might be pretty good about chewing well before swallowing at least! Definitely check out Goughnuts toys if you haven't yet, they are the closest to truly indestructible that I've found so far. They replace it if your dog destroys it, and have multiple sizes and strengths for serious power chewers.

  2. Before I realized he could actually destroy and eat toys I had one that was a rubber hand that went around a ball. He pooped out a whole finger! He is amazing with his chew ability. Not even black kong is tough enough! I will check out the goughnuts, thanks!