Thursday, August 20, 2015

This is Sisci

After taking Xena back to her original foster mom, I brought home one of the Australian Cattledog puppies I have been working with since they were wee babies. In the litter of nine puppies there were a huge range of temperaments, from super-friendly personalities to spooky shy types. Most of the pups seem like they will top out around 40-50 pounds, except one.

3 weeks
This is Sisci. She started out as The Good Puppy. She was the puppy that sat all the time. By the age of three weeks she had already figured out that sitting made people happy.

As the litter gradually figured out how legs worked, Sisci began to lead the pack in coordination. Once she was fully mobile she became The Evil Puppy. Sisci was the first of her siblings to start chasing down other puppies to bite their legs.
5 weeks

By four weeks we were well-aware that this one puppy was turbo-charged and different from the others. She was definitely the Self-Appointed Fun Police, charging over to boss around any puppies who dared play too rambunctiously.

Sisci was also very focused on toys as soon as she discovered them. What could be better than carrying a ball or stuffed animal around?

The mother of these puppies is has a short tail. ACDs are sometimes docked by misguided and poorly-educated breeders, but some dogs are just born with naturally short tails. Sisci has a Natural Bob Tail, a tiny little nub. The rest of the pups either had full labby tails or short 4" tails.
12 weeks

Five of the nine puppies have now found homes of their own. Three of the four remaining puppies get along very well and love to play together. Sisci does not love the chaos of puppies at play. She had to be separated from the group regularly so the rest of the puppies could play.

18 weeks
I brought Sisci home as a new foster puppy to help work on her skills with cats. As a high-energy, high-drive, bitey 8-month-old puppy she could potentially become dangerous to small furry animals. So far, she's doing very well. Sisci has figured out which cat to avoid, and which cats she can try to entice into play. She plays very well with both Brisbane and Ru, and respects their space more than any foster dog I've had in the last two years.

Sisci is also going to be amazing at dog sports. Right now we're taking things easy on her growing body, but she is already crazy for frisbees and loves jumping into the pool.
8 months

She's going to be amazing at agility, right now we're working on the very beginnings of 2x2 weave poles. I already know that she likes lure coursing, but she won't be able to do the AKC Coursing Ability Test until she's at least 12 months old.

She's very physically sensitive and a whole lot like Brisbane. She has had an incredibly good foundation of experiences, especially as a tiny baby puppy. It will be a lot of fun to see what she can do!

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  1. She is a true beauty! I love love the series of pictures of her growing up. Beautiful post. You are an inspiration. I just adopted a senior English Bulldog. My life's dream was to someday adopt a senior dog that had been tossed away. She is terrible shape but she will know true love all the rest of her days. I read your blog every day. Love your posts. (I'm not a stalker even if it sounds like it, LOL) Thanks for all the good you put out into the universe.