Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Beastie Bars

We got two flavors of Beastie Bars in our June Pet GiftBox. These are individually wrapped snack bars for dogs. Advertised for on-the-go crumb-free snacking for my fat dog. They are grain-free, single-protein, and full of healthy veggies. They smell pretty good, too. I don't think I'd eat one, but I'm not totally grossed out either.

Good For: Feeding dogs who need some extra calories on outings. Long hikes.

Not Good For: An excuse to pack even more calories into an already overweight dogs. Most don't need even more food, they need less.

How Much We Like Them: To be honest, this was more of a novelty than anything else. I'll have to keep them in mind if I ever have a dog that needs snacks, though.

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