Monday, August 24, 2015

The August Allergy-Friendly BarkBox

Our August Allergy-Friendly BarkBox arrived on Friday right before we left town. Summer is clearly the theme this month, and I am pleased with our box. Having Sisci around definitely makes me appreciate what might otherwise be mundane toys.

Normally I'm not a fan of superfluous faces on everything, but this Simply Fido Hot Dog toy is awfully cute. There is a rope running all the way through it, so it can be used for games of tug without immediately shredding.

There is an Etta Says Deer Chew that I'm certain Brisbane will enjoy. These are a favorite around here.

Brisbane appreciates the Wagatha's Maple Bacon Dog Biscuits. Ru and Sisci need a bit more convincing.

The Treat Planet Apple Cobbler Snicky Snacks have egg in them, so I will be passing them along to someone else. Brisbane is allergic to eggs, and the other two aren't terribly reliable about eating their cookies. Whilst looking up links for this post I discovered that Treat Planet also owns Etta Says and Hare of the Dog, all brands we have received in our BarkBoxes.

The Delca Corporation Watermelon stuffy is probably the most popular toy we got this month. Brisbane gave it a few squeaks before Sisci stole it. She spent at least ten minutes laying on the couch squeaking it.

What did you get in your subscription boxes this month?

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