Saturday, October 8, 2016

Caturday: Lotus Just Juicy Stew for Cats

It's Caturday, and the Hellions are in with with Lotus's Just Juicy canned cat food. I got a couple of cans from the Lotus booth at SuperZoo, and I also got to sit down with a representative and see some pictures of their production facility. I even got to see some of their employee training material! The process their meat goes through before becoming pet food is pretty much what I'd want my food to go through.
super high quality venison canned cat food

Lotus Pet Foods

Lotus is a company started by independent pet store owners that were tired of  the good foods selling out to big businesses. Does thaat sound familiar? Yesterday's Food Friday feature was Grandma Mae's, a pet food company with the exact same story. Well, not quite the exact same story. See, Lotus actually provides names and places to go with their story, which makes it much more believable for a skeptic like myself. Go Lotus!

So basically, meat arrives at the Lotus Pet Foods micro cannery ooking like a big slab of meat you'd buy from the grocery store. Said meat is then slapping on a cutting board and carefully chopped into little cubes by a real person with a real knife. This allows them to check each piece of meat and make sure no yucky stuff ends up in the food.

Just Juicy Stew for Cats

The Just Juicy product line consists of chunky stews thickened with potato starch and agar-agar. The ingredient lists are very short. Unlike a lot of canned cat foods, this stuff actually smells pleasant. You can see the cooked meat, and it really reminds me of something I'd make at home in my crock pot.

Naturally, James and Solstice devoured the Just Juicy stew as fast as they possibly could. This is a chunky food, so it may not be accepted by the diehard pate lovers. However, the consistency is so much more like people food, and not icky wet cat food, that I think it's worth trying a can even if your cat is super picky.

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