Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Nature's Bits with Salmon, Strawberries, and Sweet Potatoes

These Nature's Bits Salmon, Strawberries, and Sweet Potatoes arrived in our March Allergy-Friendly BarkBox. They're not entirely allergy-friendly though, since they contain chicken fat. Brisbane is allergic to chicken, so I don't feed him chicken fat even if people trying to sell me dog food claim that it's hypoallergenic.  I did find some uses for them though,

Good For: Leaving in foster puppy Darla's crate for her to find at bedtime. Making friend's with the neighbor's grumpy poodle.

Not Good For: Dogs with poultry allergies. Training treats unless you break them up.

How Much We Like Them: Enough to use up the whole bag rather than giving it away.

Would you give your dog treats made with chicken fat if he was allergic to chicken?

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