Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dog. Dog. Cat.

While visiting Lake Tahoe, the dogs and I had the opportunity to visit what it probably the most awesome store ever. Dog. Dog. Cat. is a small shop, but they carry the most amazing selection of quality dog gear that I have ever seen. The place was basically like shopping on the internet, but in real life

As far as I could tell, Dog. Dog. Cat. had every size and color of every Ruffwear jacket in stock right there for us to try on. They also had all of the Hurtta coveralls and jackets available in the USA, in every size. Those things come in a whole lot of sizes, so being able to compare the fit without having to buy everything and have it shipped to me was amazing. I love playing dress-up with my dogs.

What else did we get to play with? They had every color and every size of Ruffwear Front Range harness. I got to try an XXS on Ru and find out that, while it technically fits, it is entirely to bulky for a 6lb bitty dog. They also had every size and color of Hurtta Padded Y-Harness, so I could see for myself that the size in between my 39" and 28" harnesses does actually fit Brisbane rather well.

I wanted to buy absolutely everything. Ultimately we came home with a Moo Tug for Briz, and a Ruff Puppies collar for Ru.

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