Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Treat Tuesday: Honest Kitchen Quickies

Honest Kitchen Quickies are stinky little heart-shaped treats that come in a cute little tube. They are intended to be quick and easy training treats, and are just the right size for regular-sized dogs. They are made from nothing but dried haddock fish, with just 1.1 calories per treat.

Good For: High value training treats. Hiding in food puzzles. Getting attention by rattling the can. Hiding the tube in my pocket.

Not Good For: Dogs that don't looooooove fish.

How Much We Like Them: Not enough to use them for training unless I feel like having my hands, my treat bag, and my dogs smell like fish. Everything smells like fish. So much fish. Fish.

Have you tried any Honest Kitchen treats yet?


  1. I have used these and found them to be awesome, low-calore, high-value training treats, but the thing that annoys me is that the tube spills ridiculously easy to spill. It seems like the cap just does not like me. All in all through, they are a great training treat. :)

    1. Thanks for the warning! The last thing I want dumped in my purse is pure distilled fish stink.