Friday, April 10, 2015

Food Friday: Missing Link Ultimate Skin and Coat Supplement

Missing Link's Ultimate Skin and Coat Supplement is a dog food supplement designed to provide omega 3 fatty acids. It is intended to promote healthy skin and nice soft hair, as indicated by the name.

I am super skeptical about dietary supplements, but I know there is some actual evidence that omega 3 fatty acids can help a dog grow a nice coat. This is one of the products recommended by some of my internet dog friends. Brisbane has tons of allergies and several months ago had scratched himself bald in places. In an effort to get him to look less moth-eaten, I started looking for something to add to his usual diet of high-quality kibble and fish oil.

The premise of Missing Link products is that they are supposed to fill the nutritional gap between fresh raw foods and processed dog foods. The only problem is that it's also a processed food. Missing Link supplements are shelf stable and highly processed.

That said, Brisbane's coat is growing in nicely. I'm not sure if I can entirely credit the Missing Link for that since I also started giving Brisbane Mirra-Coat at the same time. Either way, his coat is finally filling in. I've used up the whole can of the other supplement though, so Briz is just on the Missing Link Skin and Coat Supplement now.

What do you use to keep your dog's skin and coat nice and shiny?


  1. I give my boys a teaspoon and a half of quality coconut oil. I didn't know if it keeps or not to be honest. All three have beautiful coats and the one with dandruff prone skin has less dandruff. They love it though. I melt it and pour it on their evening kibble and they go crazy for it.

    1. That sounds pretty tasty! I'll have to give it a try, anything to help Brisbane's skin.