Monday, April 13, 2015

Product Review: Ruffwear Bark'n Boot Liners

Ruffwear Bark'n Boot Liners are socks that go under Ruffwear dog boots. They are intended to improve fit, reduce irritation of dewclaws, and make the boots more comfortable. The boot liners are available in four sizes that match up with the various boot sizes.
Photo by Erin Koski

Brisbane's Grip Trex boots keep his feet from getting torn up when he is lure coursing, but he can't wear them all day long. The strap on these boots cinches down right over his front dewclaws, and after a few hours he starts to get hot spots under those claws.

The Bark'n Boot liners are intended to wick away moisture, and moisture is a big part of the hot spot formation process. I'm not totally certain how well they work when wet, however. Brisbane loves to stick his feet in his water bucket after a good run, and if I leave the boots on they inevitably get soaked.
Photo by Erin Koski

These socks shouldn't be worn by themselves. They have no grip at all, and Brisbane slides around on the hardwood floor before I get the boots on him.

So far they seem to be working, Briz has not had any irritation under his dewclaws since we started using the Bark'n Boot Liners. They do make the boot-putting-on process take twice as long, though

Pros: Seem to make the boots less hateful for Brisbane. Fairly easy to put on, and do appear to reduce irritation.

Cons: Putting on socks under boots takes forever, and is basically impossible on a super-excited dog. Some people have a lot of trouble with the boots falling off as soon as the socks get wet.

Bottom Line: The guy at R.E.I. laughed when I told him I was buying socks for my dog.

Have you ever put socks on your dog?

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