Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Treat Tuesday: Twistix Yoghurt Banana Dental Chews

I hate banana-flavored candy with the passion of several Christs, and immediately felt bad for my dogs when I looked at this picture and realized I had fed them banana-flavored treats. It's ok though, because the Twistix Yoghurt Banana Dental Chews are actually made with real bananas instead of the artificial banana-flavor that haunts my dreams. I'm not crazy about real bananas and I'm not supposed to eat them either, fortunately my dogs quite enjoy them and are willing to handle any and all banana emergencies that may arise. These arrived in our March BarkBox, had I picked them out myself I would have gone with Vanilla Mint or Pumpkin Spice or literally anything other than banana.

Good For: Occupying Brisbane and Ulysses for about ten minutes and making them smell slightly minty.

Not Good For: Lasting longer than a similarly-sized bully stick, actually cleaning teeth.

How Much We Like Them: Enough to chew them until they're all the way gone, unlike rawhides and yak chews. I just ordered a bag of Vanilla Mint ones. My husband also just reminded me that I routinely toss my banana, coconut, and bubblegum-flavored Jelly Bellies to Brisbane, so I guess I shouldn't feel bad about feeding them banana treats. I'm just mildly perturbed that banana-food managed to sneak into my house under false pretenses.

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