Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Product Review: Canine Hardware Travel Bed

The Canine Hardware Travel Bed is a compressible, packable dog bed that unfolds into a floofy cushion. It has a slick fabric on the bottom that repels dirt, hair, and those stickers that always get stuck in your socks while camping. The other side is soft and flannel-like. The travel bed comes with a matching stuff sack to keep it clean and mooshed down into a space-efficient package.
Photo by Erin Koski

I love this travel bed largely because it looks like a sleeping bag. It is also had a bit more padding than the Ruffwear Bachelor Pad bed, though it doesn't pack as small. It is also a lot bulkier and provides a lot more cushioning than Ruffwear's Highlands bed, which is a similar style to the Canine Hardware Travel Bed.
Photo by Erin Koski

Over the last few months, Brisbane has developed some arthritis in his hips. He now has a prescription pain medication, and it is important that he have soft, warm places to rest. Briz is a house dog on the beach in Central California, so he doesn't have to deal with anything approaching freezing temperatures. Still, I like having this bed for exercises like the Protocol for Relaxation.

The Canine Hardware Travel Bed is not an orthopedic bed, it isn't very supportive and has little padding compared to a regular pillow bed. Still, it's pretty comfy for something that packed down a little smaller than a regular sleeping bag.

Pros: More portable than a regular dog bed, more comfortable than a blanket or a towel on the ground. Makes cafe visits and outdoor classes a little nicer for spoiled, spoiled dogs. Machine washable. Doesn't pick up ground crud like regular bedding.

Cons: Kind of thin. Packs slightly smaller than a regular adult sleeping bag, which makes ultralight backpackers cry.

Bottom Line: Awesome for camping and going places, convenient to keep in the car. This bed will be going with us on camping trips, but probably not backpacking.

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