Sunday, November 23, 2014

Product Review: Lone Wolf Slip Lead

The Lone Wolf Slip Lead is a simple slip lead made from a wide, soft synthetic braid. It is available in 4' and 6' lengths in a multitude of colors and combinations. Ours is a 5/8" wide 4' purple/black slip lead.
Photo by Erin Koski

I love Lone Wolf's soft, wide slip leads, we have a matching 4' martingale lead that is Brisbane's primary leash. I don't normally use full slip leads for my dogs, but I do keep them around. I bought this one specifically to use at work.

The wide flat  braid material is nice and grippy when my hands hurt. I find it easier hold than Mendota's round braid leashes, and less rope burny than Timberwolf's slip leashes.

Pros: Comfortable and easy to hold. Ring slides freely and leather stop prevents leash from opening wide enough to allow escape. Wide webbing distributes pressure comfortably both on the dog's neck and on my hands. My favorite slip lead for days when my hands are sore.

Cons: Strands of the braided strap can get caught on things and pull little loops loose.

Bottom Line: Loved my martingale lead so much I got a slip lead just like it.

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