Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Treat Tuesday: Grain-Free Buddy Biscuits, Oven Baked Cheddar Cheese Flavor

Another tasty treat from Cloud Star, we can't go wrong with Buddy Biscuits. I feed grain-free dog food, and I like having grain-free biscuits for them as well. I'm not on the no-grains bandwagon, but I do like to limit how much they get. These are made in the USA and contain no soy, corn, wheat, or eggs. Grain-free Buddy Biscuits are made with chickpea, pea, tapioca, and potato flours.

Good For: All of the same things original Buddy Biscuits are good for, like stuffing inside puzzle toys and putting at the bottoms of the Kongs before I load them with peanut butter. Gluten-free, so they're good for people with Celiac and people who are pretending.

Not Good For: Keeping whole and beautiful before use. These things break really easy and I don't think I had a single one come out of the box whole.

How Much We Like Them: You see that box? It's empty now.

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