Friday, November 14, 2014

Product Review: Mendota Dog Walker Martingale Lead Combo

The Mendota Dog Walker is a slip lead that ends in a martingale collar instead of a slip collar. It comes in 3/8" and 1/2" soft round rope, in a wide variety of colors.
Photo by Erin Koski

I love my Lone Wolf martingale lead for Brisbane, right now it's his default leash. However, the collar on that one is just barely small enough that he can't escape it, so it cannot be used on a smaller dog. Lone Wolf also makes a teensy tiny martingale lead, but I think it's much too tiny to use on a big dog.

My Mendota Dog Walker, on the other hand, can be used on any size dog. Seriously, any size. I use it at work all the time on Bernese Mountain Dogs and assorted mastiffs. The collar portion is 5/8" wide and measures 8.5" from end to end, tiny enough to use on Ru if I ever used any type of slip collar on his neck.
Photo by Erin Koski
The Dog Walker works well on Brisbane, it will choke him if leash pressure is applied, but there is no way he can back out of it. The loop that runs through the collar measures 18" when folded in half, allowing me to slip this leash onto any dog with a head circumference less than 24". A leather keeper slides down the loop to prevent the dog from popping their head through the remainder of the loop and losing the martingale effect.

That huge martingale loop is one of the reasons I love using this leash at work. I can cinch the keeper down to keep the dog securely in the collar, and then hang on right where the loop meets the rest of the leash when I need to keep the dog really close. It's like a nice little traffic leash that won't give me rope burn if the dog suddenly decides they're going somewhere in a hurry.

Pros: Fits just about any standard dog, just not the outliers on the "rodent" and "hippopotamus" ends of the spectrum. Soft, comfortable, and durable. Ends of the flat webbing collar are sewn on the outside to prevent irritation.

Cons: Slightly more complicated than a slip lead, occasionally baffling coworkers when I toss it to them. Harder to lasso difficult dogs with than a standard slip. If the keeper is not employed, some dogs can pop their heads through the martingale loop such that they are then wearing the fixed loop around their heads with the collar doing nothing.

Bottom Line: The collar on the 1/2" rope Dog Walker was big enough for Brisbane to escape, so it clearly isn't this versatile. Right now this is my favorite slip lead martingale universal escape-proof leash thingy.

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