Monday, July 7, 2014

Product Review: Mendota Slip Leads

Mendota slip leads are made from braided polypropylene rope. They come in two widths and are available in 4' and 6' lengths. The leashes are accented with oiled leather, and have a leather slide to prevent the ring from sliding too far toward the handle. This allows the slip lead to tighten up as much as necessary, but limits how big it can get so it doesn't slip off.
Photo by Erin Koski

Slip leads are super convenient, and Mendota slip leads are soft and pliable. This makes them easy to cram into my pocket or stuff in a purse. They make great my-dog-doesn't-really-need-a-leash leashes, and also wonderful maybe-I-should-use-a-leash-when-we-walk-from-the-house-to-the-car leashes. Brisbane is wearing a small 4' Mendota leash. We've had it for at least six years, and it looks great.

I don't use this for a regular walking leash, so it's pristine. I have seen ones that have been used as an everyday walking leash for several years, and they eventually start to go a bit fuzzy. The rope stays soft and pliable, though. Mendota leads are comfortable enough for dogs that don't pull, but I prefer to well-worn leather for Brisbane's everyday walking leashes because it doesn't give me a rope burn when he spots a squirrel. Mendota also makes martingale leashes called Dog Walkers, but I prefer the Lone Wolf martingale leads because the collars fit Brisbane perfectly without choking him.

Pros: Super convenient, just slip it on and go. Soft and pliable, not abrasive. Very sturdy and durable, will likely last longer than the dog. The thinner leads are very space-efficient and make great spares, car leashes, and emergency leashes. Escape-proof. The slip lead style allows for leash corrections.

Cons: Not as grippy as Lone Wolf or Timberwolf rope leashes. So far the Lone Wolf slip leads get my vote for maximum grip with minimal hand damage. Slip lead design strangles dog.

Bottom Line: I don't actually use this leash that often, but it is perfect for capturing loose dogs. I use it mostly as an emergency backup, a fail-safe for skittish dogs, and a leash that lives in my car. It's much nicer than those skinny little nylon belt slip leads that vet offices give away.

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