Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Product Review: Alcott Essentials Treat+Ball Bag

The Alcott Essentials Treat+Ball Bag is a bait bag that can be worn on a pocket or belt. It has a secure spring closure and enough space to hold a tennis ball and plenty of treats. The Alcott Essentials bait bag is only available in one color and size so far.
Photo by Erin Koski

Treat bags like this are an essential part of everyday life with a reactive dog like Brisbane. I have been through many of them over the years, and so far this is my favorite. I've been through several RC Pets treat bags, some Outward Hound bags, and I still have a big Karen Pryor bag that I use occasionally. None of these compares to this Alcott bag.

I was looking for a new treat bag when we started carrying these at work. I've been irritated with drawstring pouches for a while because they require two hands to close. Velcro closures get gunked up with hair a squishy treats. My Karen Pryor bag has a sturdy spring closure, but it is very wide and tends to flop around and fall off easily. I can thread it on my belt, but then I can't take it off or move it easily. So far the Karen Pryor bag is the only one that hasn't had the lining fray and come apart.

When I started looking for a new bag, I know I wanted a nice deep one with a spring closure, and preferably a secure enough clip to not fall off when I'm running around. I started by reading reviews on Amazon, and quickly found that the spring closures on most big box store bags are weak and break right away. Happily, the Alcott Essentials Treat+Ball Bag is far higher quality than anything I've tried before. The spring closure pops open and closed smoothly, and it is secure enough to keep treats from falling out when I toss it across the room or wrestle it from the mouth of a cheerful bull terrier. The clip sticks right where I put it and stays on through all sorts of adventures. The fabric is sturdy enough to handle the strong spring, and the whole thing is holding together beautifully.

Pros: Well-made treat bag, not going to fall apart anytime soon. Awesome for agility. Spring closure works instantly with one hand, and keeps treats from flying out in assorted circumstances. Stays on the belt or pocket where I put it.

Cons: The gray is ok, but I wish this bag came in pink or purple. Most of my agility stuff is pink, purple, or lime green.

Bottom Line: Whenever I want to use my Alcott bag I've either left it in the car if I'm at home, or at home if we've gone somewhere in the car. Obviously the solution is to buy another one. Best bait bag ever.

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