Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Disney Exclusive Licensed Mickey Mouse Leather Collar

Licensed Disney merchandise for pets can be tough to find, as far as I am aware it has largely been available at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. During the pet boutique craze of a decade ago, I got a set of Mickey Mouse ears, some dog bowls and squeaky toys, a Cruella de Vil chew toy, and a Mickey Mouse ID tag for Briz.
Photo by Erin Koski

Pet stuff has oddly never really been available at Disneyland or any of the Disney Stores I have visited. There might be an occasional chew toy, but the big displays with assorted collars, bowls, and toys featuring Pluto and the other canine Disney characters are limited to one or two locations at Disney World.

Four years ago, after scouring every store in the park, I found this gorgeous leather collar with Mickey Mouse studs. It reminded me of our Hot Dogs collars, but the quality seems to be lacking. Instead of enameled pewter decorations, these are laminated stickers.
I think I have an overly idealized impression of Disney and their products, because I expected this collar to hold up better. I have plenty of collars that look amazing years later, but the Mickies on this one started looking terrible within a few months. The leather still looks fabulous, I've considered painting the Mickies or pulling them off and replacing them with something else. I haven't found any other collars yet that have this design flaw, obviously Disney doesn't specialize in dog collars.

I still put it on Briz all the time though, it's a nice souvenir from a fun trip.

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