Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Treat Tuesday: Dog for Dog Dogstreat Mini

Dog for Dog makes their soft and chewy Dogstreat Minis in duck and peanut butter flavors. These little nuggets are a nice size for training treats. I like this company because they donate an equal amount of food to shelters when you buy their products. We haven't tried any of their dog food yet, but these treats are nice.
Dogstreat Minis

Good For:

  • Mid-value training treats
  • Dog with tiny mouths
  • Dogs with sensitive mouths or teeth
  • Dogs that need portion control

Not Good For:

  • High-value training treats, Sisci Godzilla actually started spitting them out after a while
  • Dogs with poultry, grain, or pork allergies, these things have a surprising number of ingredients

How Much We Like Them

I like to give Ru a few of these when I have to leave him behind to take the girls out to do real dog stuff.

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