Thursday, April 20, 2017

Product Review: K-9 Komfort Deluxe Leather Center Ring Collar

I bought this K-9 Komfort Deluxe Leather Center Ring Collar from GunDogSupply.com. It features brass-plated steel hardware, beautiful stitching, and a custom brass nameplate. K-9 Komfort's products are all handmade in the USA, and this collar was surprisingly inexpensive for the quality. This is a 3/4" wide collar, available in three sizes to fit necks 11-19" around. There is also a 1" wide version in sizes that fit up to a 28" neck.
Handmade leather dog collar made in the USA

Center ring dog collars are pretty standard on working dogs. The girls run through a lot of heavy brush, and these are the least likely to get tangled on something. The engraved nameplates mean I can have identification on them without dangling tags, and the center ring design would allow them to back out of the collars if they got caught on something.

I hadn't seen the K-9 Komfort brand before, but I was looking at center ring collars on GunDogSupply.com and these caught my eye because they were so inexpensive. They were easily half the price of similar-looking products. I am shocked to learn that they are handmade in the USA!

Having done some leatherwork myself, I know what kind of effort goes into the details for a collar like this. The edges are beveled and finished so they are rounded, allowing the collar to slide along the coat nicely. If you leave the edges of a leather strap squared off, the corners can be quite pokey.
Safety center ring collar

The hardware is also quite nice. It's brass plated steel, so all the beauty of brass without the softness.


  • Beautiful, long-wearing safety collar
  • Strong but beautiful hardware
  • High-quality stitched leather
  • Made in the USA
  • Somehow only cost me $18


  • New leather is a bit stiff

Bottom Line

I can't figure out how K-9 Komfort is making collars this nice for this price. Maybe some kind of voodoo magic?

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