Friday, September 26, 2014

Puzzle Toy: Kong Wobbler

The Kong Wobbler is a bobbing-type puzzle toy designed for use with kibble and other small, dry treats. The Wobbler comes in two sizes for large and small dogs. The base of the toy unscrews from the body to allow for fast-filling and easy cleaning.
Photo by Erin Koski

This is a pretty basic bobbing toy, but it is also one of the most widely available. Kong has basically introduced this type of puzzle toy to the general public, as it can now be found in big box pet stores. Back in Brisbane's youth, we had to buy our nifty puzzle toys from specialty stores and online.

On the one hand, this toy is incredibly easy to fill and clean. The toy opens at its widest point, allowing for full scrubbing access. On the other hand, the hole is a fixed size, and a seasoned puzzle-solver like Briz can empty it in mere minutes.
Photo by Erin Koski

Puzzle Toy Rating

Capacity: 4/5
We have the large, which is advertised as fitting a cup of kibble but actually holds a little more. The small is supposed to hold 1/2 cup.

Loading Speed: 5/5
So very, very fast and easy.

Unloading Speed (standard dog): 5/5
Uly can spend half an hour or more getting his dinner out of the Wobbler.

Unloading Speed (superdog): 3/5
Brisbane is a master of efficiency, he can empty this thing as fast as I can without unscrewing it. The hole is very wide to make kibble fall out easier.

Size: 4/5
The small is small enough for Ru to manage. The large is big enough for a big dog, though it feels a bit undersized for giant breeds. Then again, most toys feel undersized for giant breeds.

Durability: 5/5
Unless Brisbane decides to unscrew the top and then chew up the threads, I can't imagine this toy breaking or getting damaged. It is hard plastic though, so it probably wouldn't survive being dropped from a decent height.

Noise: 3/5
Because they are weighted, bobbing toys pretty much all make a hellacious amount of noise on hard floors with raised foundations. The addition of dry kibble inside hard plastic also means this toy rattles quite a bit. Lighter toys make less noise though, so the small should be quieter than the large Wobbler, and our large is definitely quieter than the Starmark Bob-a-Lot.

Locatability: 4/5
Bright red, and too big to fit under the furniture. Uly likes to shove it behind doors and into remote corners of the house, though.

Washability: 5/5
Dishwasher safe for those lucky enough to have a dishwasher. Also super easy to open up and scrub thoroughly. This is probably the easiest to clean puzzle toy I have ever seen.

Hoardability: 1/5
Since Briz can't lift or carry it, it tends to stay wherever it ended up when emptied.

Total: 39/50

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