Monday, September 15, 2014

Product Review: Kong Wubba Classic

 The Kong Wubba Classic is a toy designed for tugging and tossing, consisting of two balls covered in ballistic nylon, with four strips hanging off the end. The Wubba comes in three sizes and a variety of colors for dogs of every size.
Photo by Erin Koski

Sometimes Kong comes out with  things that make me wonder whether anyone involved in the design process actually took the product home and used it on a regular basis. I am absolutely certain that anyone with hard floors would rapidly take the Satellite right back to the drawing board in less than a week, and nobody involved in the making of the Starpod ever tried to washed the damned thing.

And then sometimes Kong comes out with a spectacular invention that makes me wonder how I ever lived without it.
Photo by Erin Koski
The Wubba if definitely in the second category. Like the company's flagship product, this one feels like it is filling a void in the otherwise huge selection of dog toys. It is a durable, floating squeaky toy with flappy tails. Brisbane thoroughly enjoys biting it, even after it has ceased to squeak. The tails, along with the weight, make it easy to throw a very long way. It's soft enough for indoor play, quiet enough for hardwood floors, and tough enough to last for years longer than a stuffed toy. The tails also make the Wubba incredibly fun to shake and "kill". Most dogs seem to figure this out right away, I like to cheer them along with encouragements like "That's right! Break its neck!"

We have several Wubba Classics in both the large and small sizes. There are several variations that range from "great idea" to "trying way too hard". The floating water Wubba with the neoprene fabric? Totally awesome until Brisbane feels compelled to rip the fabric off. Fleece Wubba with stuffed animal heads? Quit while you're ahead, guys. Wubba Classic is the only worthwhile Wubba.

Pros: Super durable, strong enough for a good game of tug. Squeaks for a while, but not in a fashion that makes dogs want to tear it apart to kill the squeak. Sturdy enough to swing the dog around during a good game of tug. Super fun to shake, throw, and catch. Does not inspire dogs to disassemble it. Soft and quiet enough for indoor play on hardwood floors, tough enough to muddy water play and rustic games of fetch.

Cons: I've never had a Wubba squeak for more than a few days. I have no idea what happens to them, Briz doesn't compulsively chomp them like he does tennis balls, they just rapidly cease to squeak. Most iterations beyond the Wubba Classic are just stupid.

Bottom Line: I haven't found anything quite like the Wubba, and it is a cherished part of our toy collection.

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