Sunday, September 21, 2014

Product Review: Starmark Pro-Training Clicker

The Starmark Pro-Training Clicker is a button clicker used for clicker training. I can probably jam the word "clicker" into that sentence a few more times, but I will restrain my enthusiasm.
Photo by Erin Koski

This might be the prettiest clicker I own. Look at that embossed running dog decoration! Unfortunately, this clicker seems to be mostly built for looks rather than function. Unlike box clickers, which tend to have a solid plastic box containing a metal strip, button clickers have a top and bottom half with the metal sandwiched between them. The issue with the Starmark clicker is that the two halves aren't particularly well attached, so the clicking action tends to separate them over time.

Pros: The loudest button clicker, but easy to muffle by holding the button against my palm. Wider and flatter than the i-Click, and louder too.

Cons: Appears to have quality control issues. More difficult to hide in my hand. Less reliable than the i-Click with a tendency to fall apart.

Bottom Line: I just don't use it that much, and for the price the i-Click is a much better value because I can buy three or four of them. I lose clickers all the time, I need more than one. Brisbane will respond to pretty much anything that clicks, though.

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