Thursday, July 13, 2017

Product Review: OneTigris Tactial Molle Harness

This Tactical Molle Harness by OneTigris is quite possibly the most customizable piece of dog gear I've seen. Made to look like military and law enforcement gear, this harness offers many of the same options with a civilian price tag. This harness is available in several colors, and four sizes to fit dogs with chests 15-40" around according to the manufacturer. In my experience it runs quite large.
Tactical MOLLE customizable dog harness


It's important to know that OneTigris products are made in China, and lack the durability of real tactical gear. They seem to be popular with gun carrying civilians, but not actual military or law enforcement personnel. The straps and buckles are not rated for lifting, and neither are the handles.

This harness is basically a base onto which you can add anything you like. It has two rows of MOLLE straps on either side, to which you can attach any sort of MOLLE pouch, bag, water bottle holder, knife sheath, holster...anything. The length of the harness means you can actually attach several of these things, but you must be careful to balance the load or it will slip to one side like every dog backpack on the planet.

MOLLE modular dog harness
There is also a wide strip of velcro along the back, for attaching patches or pretty much anything else.

The front strap is padded, and there are two straps that run underneath the dog, sort of like the Ruffwear Webmaster harness. The straps are nice and wide, but don't feel super sturdy. I would not lift my dog more than a foot or two in this harness.

There is a handle at either end, along with a leash attachment point. All of these are pretty flimsy, to be honest. Several users have reported them breaking with very little force.


  • Highly customizable with any MOLLE-compatible accessories.
  • Easy to put on.


  • Build quality is lacking, at least in some pieces.
  • Sizes run very large, Godzilla is in the middle of the listed size range for our Medium harness and it barely adjusts small enough for her.

Bottom Line

I think this would make a pretty awesome service dog harness. Accessories could be added as needed for various outings, and the velcro would allow easy access to some stuff without having to open bags. I may have to send it to someone who can test this theory for me.


  1. Service dog handlers looooove OneTigris vests, patch space for days, instantly make it a back pack, and they looks really professional. I feel like half the SD handlers I see on social media have one.

  2. I have been thinking about getting one for my Aussie too and they could be twins. I'll be getting the smaller size https://www.instagram.com/p/BRRX7UfAtI0/

  3. As a Mobility Dog handler, you are correct about them being too flimsy for putting any weight (yours or the dog’s) against them, and they are improperly positioned to avoid strain on the dog’s joints with extended use. I, personally, use an actual mobility harness, and a onetigris cape, because it still gives me room for patches and molle attachments, without using improper gear for mobility work.