Sisci Godzilla

Sisci is the dog of my dreams She is an Australian Cattle Dog, and she is amazing. Brilliant, fast, and eager to offer whatever behavior she thinks I might want. Sisci is from a friend's oops litter, and I helped out with the puppies from their earliest days. She came home with me as a foster to help her socialization, and almost immediately I knew she had to stay. This is the dog I wanted when I got Brisbane ten years ago.
Queensland Heeler puppy on sheep
Photo by Candy Lidstrom

As of February 2016 Sis has a Novice Trick Dog title from Do more With Your Dog, and a Herding Capability Tested title from the American Herding Breed Association. We are taking our second round of agility class and working hard on our contacts and weave poles. Future plans include dock jumping, barn hunt, disc, flyball, treiball, and maybe some rally obedience.

Like most high-octane cattledogs, Sisci is very, very bitey. So bitey. Sometimes I think her brain is filled with nothing but biting. She is, however, significantly less bitey than baby Brisbane was. Her temperament is similar, though she is a bit less people-loving and also a bit more resilient in the face of bad experiences. Overall she is my do-everything dog and I hope to be having adventures with her for the next decade and a half.

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